new collaboration between RadBee and Comes Compliance Services

RadBee announces new collaboration with comes compliance services (CCS)

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We’re proud to announce a new collaboration between RadBee and comes compliance services (CCS). Based in Ravensburg, Germany, CCS is a specialist IT quality assurance and regulatory affaires consultancy company that applies innovative IT solutions to supports clients in regulated industries, including pharmaceutical and medical device companies across the globe. Experts in computer system validation, […]

Versioning controlled documents in Confluence

Controlled documents: versioning in Confluence

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Confluence comes with built-in document version management. Each time a document is modified then saved, a new version is added to the history and automatically tagged with a version number, starting at v.1, then progress through v.2, v.3, etc. This innate versioning mechanism provides a host of features: The document history is easily accessible through […]

Painless migration from Excel

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  One of the most common concerns with the implementation of new operational software is the effort involved in migrating the existing data to the new system. I just recently had an opportunity to show off how easy and immediate this is with JIRA®. The pharma distributor used Excel to manage the records related to […]

Why should quality assurance be difficult and awkward? Take a strategic view on achieving compliance (focus on ISO 13485)

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It is all too easy to dive into the list of requirements contained within the ISO 13485 and achieve compliance by just ticking the boxes: looking at one requirement or one area at a time and making sure you have put in place something to address that requirement. This may easily result in a quality […]