Why the controlled document lifecycle matters

Why the controlled document lifecycle matters

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Often, when life sciences companies are working to define their controlled document management process, they spend a lot of time considering the regulations and ensuring that their approval process and electronic signatures are compliant. However, the regulations don’t require the process to be easy or efficient, and prioritising compliance over practicality often results in cumbersome […]

Comala workflow can be implemented to address FDA and other regulatory needs.

Using Comala Workflows for approval of controlled documents

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When considering using Confluence to develop and release controlled documents, one of the main concerns many companies have is whether they will be able to approve the documents directly from the application. This is possible using Comalatech’s Comala Workflows plugin, which allows us to configure your desired approval workflow right into Confluence. This plugin has […]

Versioning controlled documents in Confluence

Controlled documents: versioning in Confluence

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Confluence comes with built-in document version management. Each time a document is modified then saved, a new version is added to the history and automatically tagged with a version number, starting at v.1, then progress through v.2, v.3, etc. This innate versioning mechanism provides a host of features: The document history is easily accessible through […]