Why Confluence is the Perfect System for Read & Understood Training

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If you work for a life sciences company, you know that the impact of a well-trained team is significant. Internally, it supports greater productivity, boosts job satisfaction and improves products for a healthy bottom line. Externally, the outside world benefits from safer, more accurate software and tools for user/patient wellbeing. Implementing a streamlined, intuitive, compliant […]

More Quality, Less Bureaucracy: How QA Managers Can Streamline Read & Understood Training in Confluence

More Quality, Less Bureaucracy: How QA Managers Can Streamline Read & Understood Training in Confluence

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In my work with Life Sciences companies, I’ve found that most companies today use Read & Understood training extensively. In theory, this simplifies initiating new team members and keeping your existing staff up-to-date. No quizzes or tests to create; all QA managers have to do is publish a document and send it to those who […]

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Introducing The Read & Understood Training Genius App For Confluence: Compliance For Life Sciences Companies Worldwide Has Never Been Easier

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Created by quality assurance experts and Atlassian Solution Partner, Radbee, the app’s hands-free assignment supports improved productivity. LONDON, United Kingdom, April 3, 2019: Life Sciences companies extensively use Read & Understood training to simplify compliance, yet the process is complicated by the burden of administration on Quality Assurance (QA) managers. Inspired by their work developing […]

Why waste reduction is the #1 priority for QA & Compliance, according to experts

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At a recent knowledge sharing and networking event in London, England, life science industry professionals gathered to glean insights from experts on the common challenges experienced in implementing effective quality systems. While there were many important points made, the one consistent takeaway was that the key to practical QA and compliance is the reduction of waste. This […]

Agile for GXP and Medtech

Agile for GXP and Medtech

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These are exciting times to serve the life sciences sector – thanks to technological advances, innovations abound and progress marches on at a lightening-fast clip. Working with a wide variety of organisations, I see two very different types of teams searching for an answer to the same fundamental question: “How do I best do Agile […]

It's valid to want to automate inefficient systems, and more than that, it's actually imperative. The companies that master the regulatory and technical challenges of hands-free validation today will steer their way clear to competitive advantage tomorrow.

Heading toward hands-free validation

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Over the course of working with dozens of innovative, exceptional companies, I’m always struck by their commonalities of purpose and process. While they all are creating products poised to help us all live happier, healthier and more productive lives, ironically enough many tend to put themselves through sadly torturous, inefficient circumstances before their products can […]